We seek to continuously redefine new standards in Interior Architecture. The strength of our work begins with understanding your story to create a unique spatial DNA that balances functionality with international aesthetics. Our ultimate goal is to enrich and inspire those who experience our commitment to design.

  1. Research

    Listen, absorb, rethink ― we study the unique elements, environment and story of your project to build solid foundations for a distinctive design.

  2. Concept Planning

    Spatial analysis and creative thinking with our clients ensures efficient and effective use of space, to create the desired image and atmosphere.

  3. Design DNA

    Formation of a bespoke creative concept and architectural narrative to enhance your lifestyle or brand image.

  4. Schematic Design

    Visualisation of space, materials and colour schemes.

  5. Design Development

    Focusing on the minute details, we cement the architecture, interior and lighting design to add a depth of personality from the inside out.

  6. Tender Documentation

    Production of detailed drawings, plus specifications of furniture, fixtures and material samples.

  7. Site Coordination

    The designers services include project meetings with the client, purchasing agent, contractor, and site visits.


projects we've worked on

Stylus Studio indulges in the art of balancing light, space and bespoke materials. Designing emotional environments help us to connect, inspire and thrive. We focus on the design of luxury hospitality, residential, retail and office spaces across Asia Pacific.



While we remain keenly attuned to dynamic trends, we are not dictated by them. Our focus remains on one thing ― the needs of the end-user. This ensures we continuously deliver a unique redefinition of space.


Providing more than a simple decorative service, our vision and superlative planning of space promises a focused approach to maximising the potential of your investment.

Architectural Concepts

Solid architectural experience, international design processes, and a collaborative approach captures the unique DNA of the project ― these are the differentiators that yield awe-inspiring creative and holistic solutions from the interior through to the exterior.

Concept Creation

Comprehensive research, client workshops and collective creative thinking all contribute towards generating the story for your project. It is this formation of a bespoke creative concept and architectural narrative that will enhance your lifestyle or brand image.

Lighting Design

We collaborate with professional lighting consultants to envision and tailor-make lighting fixtures that celebrate the space. These personalised lighting elements are also intended to sit within the unique narrative of our interior design.

Furniture Design

We are passionate and committed to producing sought-after, quality furniture pieces for our clients. Our resourceful connections to master craftsmen, artists, manufacturers and suppliers, coupled with our commercial experience to work within given budgets, guarantee the best piece at the right level.


Vincent Zhang


Vincent Zhang obtained his master degree in interior architecture in Paris. Becoming the first Chinese member of CFAI (Conseil Français des Architectes d'Intérieur) After returning to Asia. Zhang joined Hirsch Bedner & Associates as an interior designer, and then worked for the Gettys Group (HK) as Development Director and Senior Project Designer. With a rich and solid foundation in international design, and an innovative spirit to continuously redefine new standards in interior architecture, Zhang and Zeng founded Stylus Studio in Hong Kong.


Simon Zeng is a leading Interior Architect, with over 15 years of experience within the hospitality industry. With four years at Hirsch Bedner & Associates (HK) as a Project Manager, and a further six for DiLeonardo International Limited (HK) as a Lead Senior Designer; Zeng has lead several award-winning hotel/design projects throughout Asia. Most recently, he has been awarded the HA+D Award for Design Excellence (2013), and an Idea-Tops International Space Design Award for Best Hotel Design (2012); both being awarded for his work on The St. Regis Sanya Yalong Bay Resort.

Hilda Lo


The raw talent and adventurer.

Cecilie Larsen


The connector and Danish archetype.

Steven Lo


The numbers man and a true romantic.


We’re always interested in new talented Interior Architects. Do you possess a progressive visual design aesthetic? Perhaps celebrate the art of true craftsmanship, and hey, even still pick up a pen or two to sketch your ideas first? Have the people skills to help clients understand what they need before they even do? Are you controlled by an innate cerebral curiosity to continuously learn more and evolve professionally? If yes, then we want to hear from you. Send your CV, portfolio, and why you’d like to work with us tohk@stylus-studio.com


Feel free to contact us — we'd love to hear from you!

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